An Update on My Site Rebuild

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

As mentioned in my previous post, I am completely rebuilding this site and restoring old articles. I will probably skip my political rants, as they mostly refer to “The Great Divider’s” time in office. I’m referring to Obama, by the way, not Trump. Trump has his own issues, and I’ll probably address some of them once I start posting new blogs. I don’t think any president has done more to erase progress in race relations than Barack Hussein Obama, but I’m not chasing that thread right now, or ever again, if I can avoid it.

This site will not be primarily a political site, but I may have helped you decide whether you will continue reading my blog or not with that last statement, and that is OK. I don’t want you to continue reading under any illusions. I want you to know where I stand, and not just on politics. If I don’t, this blog is pointless.

I’ve posted a variety of articles over the years, writing about politics, writing, music, chess, religion, current events, and other topics. I’ll put the more interesting ones back on this site and let the others disappear into the digital dustbin. I plan to post more, and hopefully I can overcome my history of not updating this site. We’ll see.

I’ll present the articles I decide to repost in chronological order, putting the original post date at the top of the article. I know I can simply change the post date, because WordPress is awesome, but I don’t want to exactly recreate the old blog. I want to pull the best of it to this new site. I may scatter some new content in amongst the old posts, so bear with me as I cull through my old writings and repost the best.

Stay tuned.