21 Days of Posts – Day 13 – Chasing The Lion

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Hello to all who have decided to follow along as I post for 21 days straight as part of our church fast. As you can see, each entry is numbered as a particular day, so if you are reading this and the title above doesn’t say Day 1, then you should stop now and go read from Day 1, or take a peek at Day 2 and pick a topic you are interested in. Thanks for being brave enough to join me.

The title of this post sounds like fun..right?

There are people who do exactly that…chase lions, with nothing more than spears in their hands. We see the pictures of the Maasai hunting parties and are horrified to see them seemingly so woefully under-equipped to take on the fierce felines. The hunt is a rite of passage for the tribe and I have to assume that since the tribe still exists, they are successful more times than they are not.

But this post is not about actually hunting living, breathing lions – it is about chasing a big dream and daring to run after it, even when it scares us. It can be argued, as Mark Batterson does in his book Chase the Lion, our big dream should scare us, because we should be dreaming bigger than we could ever accomplish alone. Nothing but the power of God helping us should make our biggest dream possible. Our faith and trust in what God can do is an essential part of “chasing the lion”.

For me, “chasing the lion” this year is the somewhat less important, but still radically scary task of finishing writing a book. It’s a big goal, even with all of the nine or ten works-in-progress I have, because whichever one of those I want to finish will require completion of the first draft, then weeks of meticulous editing. Even after all that is completed, there is the task of selling it, whether I try to publish traditionally or self-publish.

I know, this sounds like a pretty selfish dream. Why chase this lion? Why not chase another, more impactful lion, one that directly helps other people and builds the kingdom of God? I have only one answer to that, and it’s not a great one. I feel that if I can complete a book, front to back, draft to final edit, blank pages to cover art and content, then I can take on something even more monumental. I feel that the lack of a completed book, with so many in progress, is a major failing, one that I must overcome.

Do I hope the book is successful? Sure. Is financial success a mandatory requirement for me to feel like I succeeded? Nope. If I can complete a project of this scope, I feel like I can do anything. It’s somewhat silly, and marginally selfish, but it is my reality for the present time.

That’s my lion.

What’s your lion? What dream do you have that is so big, so impossible to achieve, it scares you? Do you have one? It doesn’t have to be big to anyone else but you.

Don’t tell me about your lion. Just write it down (it really does make a difference to have it written down) and start running toward the dream, not away from it.

Tomorrow is Day 14 and I may be changing the topic a bit. It will still be about music, but I think the artist will change. That post is still rattling around in my big, mostly empty head, so we won’t know until tomorrow.

Thanks for reading to the end!


Photo Credit – Photo by Jeff Rodgers on Unsplash