Here It Is December…

Here it is December and almost Christmas at that.  I haven’t written a post in ages.  I just haven’t been up to it.

Things are a little better now and I feel the pressure of words building up in my head, so here I am, for at least one more post in 2016.  I don’t know how many words will tumble out here, so I am just going to start with an announcement or two.

First, I’ve found what I believe to be a good plugin to display chess games, so I’m going to post one or two sometime soon (after I play a couple worth showing to anyone else).  I’ll annotate with my own thoughts and also with the help of a chess engine or two.  If I can get the cooperation of my opponent, I’ll add their thoughts also.

Second, I want to post a couple of scenes from my upcoming novel, which is as far behind schedule as it has ever been.  It is so far behind schedule that my site still says “future home of The Daedalus Solution” and I’m not sure when that will change.  But I’ll get some scenes posted here and offer a taste of what’s to come.

Third, I want to post a few commentaries on political and social issues, and hopefully a couple of “reflection” style articles about particular Biblical passages.  For those who need a trigger warning, it will be pretty obvious from the title what the content will be (I need to write about those, also).

Big plans, I know, especially considering my total absense from my site since August, but I want to get moving on some content, post some articles, get some real comments from my readers (not spam promising to dramatically increase my traffic, or selling jewelry, or some other nonsense), and have real discussions.

Keep checking back, and I’ll be sure to tweet out when I post.  If you want, sign up for my mailing list – I promise it is not high volume, nor will I send you spam.  It should be available somewhere on this page!

In case I don’t post before then, I hope you have a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, and an incredible New Year!

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