Inauguration Eve Thoughts

January 2017 has been here for nineteen days now.  The inauguration of President Donald Trump happens tomorrow, most likely amid a circus of protests and nonsense.  It is good to know that with the absence of sixty or more Democratic Representatives there will be more room at the inauguration for people who actually care about the peaceful transfer of power.

Am I a huge President Trump fan?  Not really.  Did I think he was better than the alternative?  Definitely.  Do I think he can “make America great again” as he promises?  Don’t know.  I do know that the country was was off on the wrong track under the outgoing administration.  Gallup polls tend to agree with me.  Check out the numbers here.

The area he made the greatest positive impact on affects a small minority of the population.  In the next highest topic, energy, most gains were made in spite of him, not because of anything he did.  Climate change, whatever.  The economy, which he should have been able to improve by leaps and bounds, was basically a wash (+6 percentage points).  There really wasn’t anywhere to go except up with it.  The fact that he only squeaked out six points is telling.

Healthcare was evenly divided, no loss or gain.  Even with his signature healthcare bill, rammed through Congress on party lines, he made essentially zero impact.  Sad.  Yes, more Americans have insurance, but so many lost doctors and healthcare plans, things they were promised over and over by the outgoing president that they could keep.  Not so much…  Also, that $2500 the average household was supposed to save – that didn’t happen either.  The bill should be repealed mainly for being a pack of lies and a giant financial blight, with a lot of deceptive math used to explain how it would be financially sound.

In the rest of the criteria, public perception is that America has lost ground in every other category.  This includes race relations, including the situation for blacks, America’s world standing, massive debt ($20 trillion dollars – twice as much as when he went into office – it would probably have helped to at least present a budget to Congress, he didn’t bother to do that most years – it obviously interfered with golf, vacation, and hobnobbing with unsavory celebrities), the rise of terrorism, and to crime in general.

How can such a “great president” fail in some many areas?  I write it off to the fact that I never felt he cared much about anyone other than himself.  His “wonderful speeches” were filled with self-reference, no matter how well he presented them.  The fact that most of what he said, particularly in reference to his signature healthcare law, was proven false eventually, diminished my ability to even listen to him drone on in whatever affected speech pattern he may have chosen for the occasion.

All of this to say “good riddance” to the outgoing administration and “welcome” to someone who, if nothing else, will do something different, who will defy the norm, knock down some governmental idols and sacred cows, and maybe, just maybe, get something accomplished in the swamp that is Washington D.C..


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