So Much To Write About

There is so much to write about, I can barely figure out where to start.

I guess first and foremost, with this being the day after the Superbowl, congratulations to the New England Patriots for their amazing win, even if it was at the expense of my preferred team the Atlanta Falcons (not that I am any kind of NFL football fan).  Tom Brady is a football magician and obviously doesn’t crack under pressure.  Now if he could just find his jersey from the game…

I want to thank Lady Gaga for not turning a sporting event into a political grandstand.  While she may have performed “Born This Way”, she refrained from making ridiculous comments and ruining the evening.  Sadly, she got a hefty amount of disdain, outright criticism and ugly comments from leftists on social media who felt that she should have taken advantage of her performance to peddle leftist propaganda.  Those who commented represented the most reprehensible aspects of the current leftist derangement.

This was a disappointing year in Superbowl commercials.  Between the overt politicization and sleazy themes, this was definitely the worst I’ve seen in a long time.  I particularly find the NFL’s own commercial “Inside These Lines” to be the most ridiculously ironic commercial of them all.  The racial profile of the NFL is so far from being representative of our country as to make the entire commercial a parody.  With around 70% of NFL players being “men of color” (black, African-American, pick whatever label feels comfortable to you), their desire to be “all inclusive” was hilarious.  I’d say they are good to go as far as including everyone.

The T-Mobile ads that had a Fifty Shades of Gray vibe to them were appalling.  What poor taste and terrible presentation.  I literally forgot they were T-Mobile ads, which means the commercials failed the most basic tenet of advertising – make the viewer remember what company the commercial was about.  All of this politicizing and distasteful, poor advertising placed into thirty second spots costing over five million dollars each, not counting the production costs.  Enough about the Superbowl, let’s move on.

President Trump has had a wild first few days in office, but I agree with those who say that he thrives on the turmoil and hysteria of those who oppose him.  Never mind that the things he has proposed, supported and said are not wild, alt-right madness, but actually are very, very centrist ideas.  This just shows how far left the country has been pushed, manipulated and driven in the last eight years.  If he can get the economy going and achieve better than 3% growth (or even just 3%), which never happened under Obama, his “crazy” (not really crazy, just not loony left) ideas will be vindicated.  It would be hard for folks to argue if the workforce participation percentage rose to pre-Obama levels.  Forget about the unemployment numbers, they’ve been massaged to make it look like Obama did something good for the economy.

The mainstream media, fueled by the ridiculous hysteria of those who don’t understand the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration, will continue to bash the building of the wall on the southern border.  They will pick apart every sentence, tweet, nominee, and facial expression of Trump for the next four years, ever hoping that the next tweet, executive order, confrontation, or speech will be the downfall of our current president.

Strap in, conservatives (and even some of you centrists, when you figure out that President Trump’s ideas are your ideas also, even if they are presented in Trump’s one-of-a-kind style), it is going to be a wild ride!

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