A Mixed Bag of New Year’s Resolution Success

I certainly have a mixed bag of success with my New Year’s resolutions.  I know, some of you have already forgotten what your resolutions were, never mind the fact that you blew them before the end of January.  We go through this cycle every year – brand new year, brand new ideas, brand new goals, spectacular failure.  I know, not everyone fails in keeping their resolutions, but most do.  Some people, like me, do well with some resolutions and not so good with others.  I admit, I am batting under .500 on my resolutions, but at least three of the ones I have not kept yet involve either long-term work, like to finish writing a book, or are dependent on other people, like teaching my son to drive, which is not so much a resolution as it is a to-do, but it is on my list of stuff for 2017.

One particular resolution I have failed in is posting at least two blog entries here a month.  My last post was February.  You would figure I could at least find a reason to post something in March, since my birthday is in March, but I didn’t.  Not that I had a depressing or disappointing birthday.  It was actually really great.  I am typing this blog post and all future ones using my birthday present, a mechanical keyboard.  For the non-geeks out there, mechanical keyboards are prized by video game players and those of use who like audible and tactile feedback when we type.

I hope to get back on track with my blog posts, maybe I can turn this one around and average two a month by the end of the year.  Twenty-four posts.  I’ve done that in a month before, so surely I can do it in a year.  It is hard to believe that was over a year ago, in February 2016.  A lot has happened since then and I have to wonder if there was some higher, even spiritual reason I experienced everything I have in that time.  If there is, I can’t see it yet, as I still have made little progress toward finishing a book.  I didn’t even participate in last November’s NaNoWriMo event to start a new book, even though I had at least two different ideas I could have run with for 50,000 words.  I believe that I should be writing, both blogs and books and even the occasional short story, but sitting down at the computer and doing it has eluded me for quite a while.

Don’t get me wrong.  I can sit down at the computer with the best intentions, but an hour or so later when I get up and move around, nothing has been accomplished except viewing a few more YouTube videos or trying my hand at some chess tactics over on Chess.com, or worse, just slogging through the news sites, getting angry and frustrated with people behaving badly and society in general (but not enough to even bang out a short blog post).  The fire, the passion to write is just not there and I usually end up retreating from the computer and doing something else.

It is absolutely frustrating to my soul, but I haven’t found a way around the massive writer’s block I seem to have run headlong into over the last few months.  Maybe this post, this simple blog post that reads more like a diary entry, will be the start of something.  If I want to succeed at one of my 2017 goals, I will need to get busy soon.  Finishing a book will take at least two more months of first draft writing, then who knows how many months of editing and revision.  I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, so I really need to finish before November 1st if I am serious about publishing before 2018 roars in.

Happy April, everyone!  This year is now officially 25% over.  I hope that thought keeps you working toward your 2017 goals and resolutions, if you haven’t forgotten them already.

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