“The Daedalus Solution” Shelved

I have shelved The Daedalus Solution, my forthcoming science fiction thriller, indefinitely.  Why would I do that?  Wasn’t I close to finishing?  What about the characters I’ve already introduced to my faithful readers?  Here’s the scoop on what is going on with me and my writing.

I know my website says “Future home of The Daedalus Solution” and maybe someday it will be, but not for the foreseeable future.  I’ll be removing that header text after I finish this post.  I completely stopped writing for personal reasons last June for several weeks, stretching into months.  I skipped NaNoWriMo in November, and have only written short scenes, word sketches, and vignettes up until last month.  I was unable to concentrate on and tie together more than a few thousand words at a time.  I tried all kinds of motivational writing, trying to break out of my writer’s block, but nothing worked.

So here it is June already…

I started writing what I hope to be an action-packed, very raw, exploration of human relationships of all kinds – those baked slowly over time, those microwaved in life-threatening situations, and those radically changed by a watershed event.  You can count on plenty of action, interaction, twists, and, I believe in this case, potentially a few situations that may make you uncomfortable.  That’s not my goal, per se, but I can see it happening.

I don’t have a title yet.  I don’t have a character arc.  I don’t know who the antagonist is.  At this point there’s more that I don’t know than I know.  But…

I’m writing.  It is a start.

I hope to make significant progress on this before falling into the madness of NaNoWriMo later this year.  I haven’t mapped out a writing timeline, but if I can continue at the pace I am on, I will have a completed first draft before October, when I will begin to outline a new project for NaNoWriMo and furiously charge through the first fifty thousand words of it in thirty days once November arrives.

My apologies to those who were looking forward to a sci-fi novel as my debut work, as it looks like that’s not going to happen, unless my current project takes a strange turn.

Just a couple of random thoughts to conclude with-

First, give Dilbert a break!  Scott Adams published a Dilbert cartoon in May that poked a little fun at climate science and scientists and a lot of fun at those who are quick to condemn anyone who is even the least bit skeptical of “climate change”.  Climate scientists use models, lots of them, and I am not one to make any claims about which ones they trust and which ones they dismiss, but the fact remains that the hysteria of the 90s in regards to the “disappearing” polar ice caps and the end of the polar bear, and other wild claims made by climate profiteers such as Al Gore has pretty much been just that – hysteria.

Polar bears are alive and well and increasing in population, the polar ice caps remain, but that’s not really the point.  The point is, the perception of the skeptical public is that empirical data and models that propose future events based on that data are at best, haphazardly picked and at worst, selected only on their ability to predict the apocalyptic demise of the world.  I know this is not the case, but if I had a financial planner with the track record of the climate models used in the past, I would have fire him or her a long time ago.

No, my beef is with those that the Dilbert cartoon pokes the most fun at – those people who attach the “climate denier” label to anyone who questions ANY part of the dramatic and dismal predictions of the climate science community.  The character in the cartoon doesn’t even question the climate science.  He questions the economic models, but is quickly labeled a “science denier”.  Most of the “scientists” hysterically moaning about this cartoon are completely and blissfully un-self-aware.  Leave Dilbert alone!  That’s all I have to say about that.

Second – and I say this will all the love I can muster – Democrats and you feral leftists, please, please, please, get over the election!  Trump is president because the system that you love when it works for you and hate when it doesn’t put him there based on the votes of the citizens (for the most part, see Virginia for a few exceptions) of the United States.  Quit avoiding blaming the poor campaigning skills and general unpleasantness of Hillary Clinton for her loss.  Quit grasping at stupid reasons like “Trump collusion with Russia”.  Please believe that a huge percentage of Americans are tired of apologizing for being American, tired of the whining of young liberal snowflakes, tired of offensive chants and organizations based on lies and misinformation, and tired of the divisive nature of leftist politics.  It would make conversations with you so much more productive to skip the nonsense and actually talk about ideas, instead of being personally attacked, both verbally and physically.  Just had to put that out there…

Thanks for reading, and I hope to post again soon!

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