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There is only one thing of potential interest here... my blog.  Formerly I was preparing a teaser page for my then upcoming sci-fi novel, but I have suspended all work on that project and currently have no solid plans for what project to pursue next.  For now, please take a look at my blog posts and comment if you wish.

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My Pick For President, And Why

There was a time not too long ago when I had no idea who  I would pick for president.  Out of the ginormous field of GOP presidential candidates, I didn’t know who I could honestly support as president. There were so many possibilities, and I was a bit overwhelmed. When I finally sat down to figure it out, I couldn’t. I needed to allow the candidates to weed themselves out of my consideration. So I waited and watched.

I was awed at first by Donald Trump’s candor, which I quickly realized was not candor, but simply a complete lack of verbal filter. He came and went as my pick quickly. Around that time the media was all abuzz about Dr. Ben Carson and his ability to openly speak the truth, so I followed him for a while, reading both his writing and what others wrote about him. I thought I had found my candidate and enthusiastically supported him for a while.

However, his debate prowess was lackluster and I became not as impressed by him, not so much as a person, as I had in Trump’s case, but simply as a potential candidate for the most powerful office on Earth. I couldn’t put my finger on the issue, but I began to look elsewhere for “the right guy”, while still admiring Carson as a bright light in the conservative world.

Back when I was still on the Carson train, I saw a tweet or retweet from one of the people I follow on Twitter that implied that the best ticket for America was a Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio ticket, and they implied that it didn’t matter which one was president and which one was VP. I dismissed it at the time as I was not interested, or maybe I was just too enthralled with the idea of the GOP producing an African-American candidate who could actually lead and not feel the need to have to “fundamentally transform” the nation.

As my fascination with Carson waned, I watched how Cruz performed in the debates AND what he was saying. I already was impressed how he had stood firm, on his own, against a number of issues that had come up in the Senate, even in the face of opposition from his own party members. So at the present moment, I have switched my allegiance to Cruz. While he is not a Washington outsider like Trump, he is a politician that marches to the beat of his own drum, even when a cacophony of other rhythms urge him to fall in line. Based on the current “I Side With” survey and my own research I am pretty well aligned with his platform and where we differ, I can accept some compromise.

At this point, I am also good with Marco Rubio being a VP candidate with Cruz.  I’m not sure how that would play out in real life, but it puts an excellent candidate “on deck” to run for president after Cruz.  Rubio is young, an excellent debater, seems to have a good understanding of the current issues, and even though he is considered by many to be an “establishment-approved” candidate, from what I have seen and read, he is not a GOP lapdog.

So there you go – my current pick for president (and VP).  It might change again, but as the primaries are rapidly approaching, I don’t see any other viable candidates on the list.  I urge you, especially if you are still undecided, to take the “I Side With” survey and see who lines up with your beliefs.

Day 4 down, only 25 posts left for February!

A reminder – I now have mailing list sign-up forms scattered around the site.  Fill one out to get email updates on my posts.  I’ll be adding another form next week to allow you to sign up for updates on my upcoming book “The Daedalus Solution”.

Until tomorrow, have a great and blessed night!

Bonus Post For Today!

Here is a bonus post for today!  It is real short, but fairly momentous.  At the bottom of this page you can sign up for updates about this site and my blog posts.  I am a hopeless beginner at this stuff, so if something breaks as you sign up, please let me know through the “Contact Us” form (which should work just fine). I’m excited to be able to send you updates (assuming all of this works)!

I Still Haven’t Seen The New Star Wars Movie

I haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie.  I know.  I feel terrible.  I am a Star Wars fan from way, way, way back when Han shot first and Jabba wasn’t even a thing until the third movie.

The new movie is making a gazillion dollars at the box office, so something about it must be good.  I don’t hear the kind of snark that was directed at the second trilogy, although, full disclosure, I have avoided most (really ALL) commentary about the movie in my fervent attempt to eliminate any spoilers in the hope I get to see it soon.

From the trailers (and this may all be wrong, as trailers tend to intentionally mislead), I see a story very similar to the original movie (don’t talk to me about all this “A New Hope” junk – it’s Star Wars with the marginally advertised fact that it is Episode IV – don’t blink at the beginning or you will miss it).  I also see characters that are remarkably similar.  There is Luke/Rey, just hanging out, doing his/her thing until the conflict touches him/her.  There is Han/Finn, undergoing a change in thinking and loyalty because of the events that he is swept up into.  There is R2D2/BB8, a helpful droid with important information that needs to be addressed in order to move the plot along.

On the other side, there is Darth Vader/Kylo Ren, the iron fist of the Emperor/Supreme Leader who is bent on controlling everything through force of will, with a little help from the dark side of the Force.

So represented, the never-ending battle between good and evil rages thirty years after the events of Return of the Jedi.  I am sure there are awesome plot twists that I have zero knowledge of, epic space and ground battles that ooze CGI coolness, and old characters returning that will cause me to smile when I see them.

(Just so you know, I will be CAREFULLY curating comments on this post to prevent spoilers for those like me who haven’t seen the movie, and especially for me, because I hate spoilers!)

So why haven’t I seen this movie?  Good question.  I would have a hard time arguing I haven’t had the time or money to see it (well, the money might not be too hard to argue).  Since it has been in theaters, I’ve been paid twice, but life is expensive.  There has been ample time, but coordinating both time and money is tricky.  But enough of my excuses.

I am amazed and delighted at the enduring attraction of Star Wars, even through the rough second trilogy.  Of course, rough is in the eye of the beholder.  I’m going to offend some die-hard fans here, but this story, the Star Wars story, is (actually, was) George Lucas’ to tell and all those who sneered at the prequel trilogy for not “being right” (never mind Jar-Jar) can just be quiet.  Lucas told the story he wanted to tell.  If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.  Just don’t misrepresent an enduring saga of good versus evil just because your favorite canon point was overlooked or even warped by the creator of the series.  Write your own story, and you’ll appreciate the difficulties involved in maintaining the solid sense of continuity that Star Wars, in all of its incarnations, has managed to cling to.

Speaking of “writing your own story”, I am attempting to do just that.  Check back here soon for information on my upcoming book “The Daedalus Solution” and be sure to join my mailing lists for book announcements and general announcements.  The sign-up forms should be appearing on the site sometime this week.

Have a great day, and may the force… uh, nevermind…

Oh, and all trademarks, trade names, product names and titles appearing in this article are the property of their respective owners.

Well, Well, Well, Cruz Wins Iowa

I am starting to see some sanity in the Republican race for the presidential nomination in the form of Ted Cruz.  The blowhard Donald Trump has been beaten in Iowa by Ted Cruz and only narrowly beat Marco Rubio for second place.  The knot in my stomach over the fate of the election has loosened somewhat.  Why, do you ask?  Isn’t Cruz just another hard-line conservative who doesn’t fall in line with the GOP establishment?

Anyone who asks that question is unaware that Cruz might be the only hard-line conservative in the race.  The Donald’s conversion to conservatism is fresh and new for the presidential race.  I can’t see much difference in my crystal ball between a Bernie Sanders presidency and a Donald Trump presidency.  Since I don’t consider Hillary Clinton fit for office due to her horrendous tenure as Secretary of State and potential felony convictions, I really can’t compare her to anyone else.  No one else has such a dismal career record as she does, even Trump with his serial marriages and bankruptcies.  At least no one died due to his failures or dereliction of duties.

As I was saying, Cruz is the only hard-line conservative currently in the race that stands a chance.  None of the establishment-recommended candidates are doing well at all, with the exception of Rubio, but even he is a grudging establishment pick.  The mainline GOP elite are popping antacids like candy.  It would be fun to watch if it were not my party of choice.

Why all the heartburn over Trump?  I believe, and many who don’t depend on the latest news clip to determine their thoughts believe also, that Trump is guaranteed to fail in the general election against either Democratic candidate.  Even Bernie Sanders, professed socialist, could probably get more votes in a general election than Trump.  I don’t like Trump as a candidate because I feel the office of the president requires more finesse than bluster, more precision than sweeping generalization, and more true conservatism than poisonous proclamations.

The Trump camp is already explaining away this loss with enthusiasm, and while there is some contention between other candidates about things that may or may not have been said about staying in the race, it still stands that Cruz, who came into Iowa several points behind Trump in polling, won by roughly that same margin.  How things go in New Hampshire is anyone’s guess, but the candidate who really has the most momentum is Marco Rubio.  His one-point third place finish behind Trump shows that there is an establishment-approved candidate who could be a factor in the race.

Now, I want to address the fourth through last place candidates on the GOP ticket.  I’ve got two words for you – drop out.  Ben Carson got 10% of the caucus vote, but everyone else was in the low, low, single digits.  You guys (and gal) need to pick someone to throw your support to (who knows, maybe they’ll pick you as their VP running mate) and save your money and time.  This will hopefully eliminate voter indecision and the usual bloodshed in the primaries, leaving the GOP with a candidate ready to take on the eventual Democratic candidate, whoever that might be.  You would think that either one would be easy to defeat, but in this day and age, apparently anything is possible.

So there is day 2 of 29 down.  Only 27 more posts to go to meet my challenge!


Welcome to February and 29 Days of Posts!

I announced a few days back about my challenge to myself to post every day in February.  With that in mind, I want to welcome you to February and to the first of what will hopefully be 29 consecutive days of new blog posts.

Why do this?  I explained this some in my previous post about my challenge.  I need to finish one of my novels, but I am out of the habit of writing creatively everyday.  I want to get myself into that groove, BUT, I am at a point in my novel where I must plan out my remaining scenes, so I can’t just write willy-nilly.  I CAN write willy-nilly here on my blog, so I am going to do that while I am planning out the rest of my book.

If this is post one, what do I have to say?  First, I hope to have my email opt-in form completed this week and once I do, I will mention it again.  I invite you to join my list, it will be a low volume, announcement type list where I will quickly invite you to read my latest blog posts.  I’ll keep the emails down to one or two a week at the most.

Second, I want to point out that this blog is no longer the “future home of ‘The Question'”, rather it is now the future home of “The Daedalus Solution”, a science fiction thriller complete with flying ships, a damaged Earth, characters with enhanced mental abilities, and giant floating rings orbiting the Earth where the remnants of mankind live.  This work-in-progress was my 2013 NaNoWriMo winning manuscript.  My wife, after reading three of my WIPs, said I should finish it.  I promptly ignored her and started to complete another one, but I have since seen the light and have decided to complete this one.

There will soon be a landing page here, complete with some character sketches, hopefully some artwork if I can find a willing artist to create it for me (I am not an illustrator by any stretch of the word’s definition), and maybe an excerpt if I can get a scene up to publication worthiness.  You will be able to sign up for updates on the novel once the page is up.  These will be separate from my general announcements and probably far more infrequent as I work through crafting the rest of the novel, then editing and revising.

Out of stubbornness (because the “correct” way to have a true best-seller is to go the traditional publication route, but I am far too impatient for that), I plan to self-publish my novel in both print and e-book format once I have completed it.  It will be available on Amazon and from other outlets.  Now that I have posted that, I guess I have to finish it now.  I was resolved to publish another of my works last year, but I didn’t stop to plan after my first rush of words and I ended up with two unfinished books, so I’ll have to go back to the drawing board on those.  Look for the first book in that series sometime in 2017.

Well, that is my first post.  Hopefully the first of 29.  And I still have over two and a half hours before midnight!  Amazing!

I’ll leave you with a quote from the author of some of my favorite books – “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” — George Orwell


A “Simple” Response to Dr. Piper on Concealed Carry

So, two posts within a week – crazy, huh?  I couldn’t wait until February for this one.

Way back in December of last year, you know, a few weeks ago, Dr. John Piper, (@JohnPiper) founder of, chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, and longtime pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, published a paper on his site as a rebuttal to Dr. Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s speech at Liberty University.  Dr. Falwell is, of course, president at Liberty and was encouraging his students to obtain their concealed carry permits and to carry concealed while on campus.  Since Liberty is a private institution, they have no obligation to make their campus a gun-free zone like so many colleges are.

While Dr. Falwell’s speech was blustery and confrontational, and he has already felt the need to clarify his statements, Dr. Piper’s response was politely even more dangerous.  I’m not delving into the nitty-gritty of the issues of his response – that has been done masterfully by numerous people and for the most part, very graciously and respectfully (at least the articles I have read).  I will list some of those below for the curious that haven’t read them.

Suffice to say, I am somewhat dismayed by Dr. Piper’s position on this topic and I want to bring out two points and pass along some “simple” and “homespun” wisdom that is a bit easier to digest than the deeper explanations provided in the articles below.

First, I am concerned about the weight that his opinion (and I must say, a large part of his article was opinion wrapped up in out-of-context scripture) might have on people who are struggling with the decision to conceal carry a gun or even those who already carry and until now may not have thought deeply about it, but see it much like making sure they have their wallet and keys with them when  they leave the house.  I would hate to think that anyone included in these two descriptions would now question their faith because Dr. Piper has concluded that what they are doing is wrong and has seemingly backed up his opinion with Biblical truth.  It is a grave error to cause someone to wrongly doubt their faith.

Second, I am deeply concerned about Dr. Piper’s definitions of love and “true Christianity”.  (Maybe I should have made these two separate points.)  He tacitly defines love as standing by and allowing someone to harm you or your family because you should love the perpetrator “as Christ loves you”.  He even suggests that it might be wrong to call the police.  This is not the love I know.  The love I know would compel me to do whatever I could, with whatever I could find, to stop the harmful actions of the assailant.  From my perspective, not just for my family, but for anyone, because everyone is my neighbor in God’s eyes.  Love makes me want to help them, not allow them to be hurt.

Dr. Piper’s view of true Christianity’s response to senseless violence would be to understand that Christ told us we lived in a broken, fallen, world and to expect violence, therefore, we should just allow bad things to happen to us, because it was obviously God’s will that we be mugged, or our wife be raped.  This is absurd.  It is one thing to be persecuted, especially if it is by the government, like the first century Christians, but it is entirely another thing to simply allow ourselves to be victims of senseless violence.  I cannot be a witness for Christ by allowing a criminal to kill me or my family in an act of mindless violence.

So here is my simple, easy-to-understand, modern day parable of why I think Jesus is OK with Christians packing heat.  It is not an original, I don’t know who told it first, but it has been around for decades.  Here’s my version.

A flood was threatening to trap a man in his house.  He was a Christian and he prayed to God to save him.  He was satisfied that God would do that very thing.  About that time, a neighbor came by in a truck and called to him, “Come with me, I can get you to safety!”.

“No!” the man cried.  “You go on.  I have faith that God will save me.”

The neighbor drove on and got away from the flood waters

The waters eventually rose until the man was forced to his roof to escape them.  About that time a boat came by and the people in it cried  out to him, “We’ll throw you a rope and you can come with us to safety!”

“No, you go on!” the man replied.  “God is going to save me!”

The boat left and the people got to safety.

The waters rose even higher and the man was forced to stand on his chimney to escape them.  About that time, a helicopter came by and through the loudspeaker they called to the man, “We’ll drop a ladder and you can climb up to safety!”

The man waved the helicopter away, screaming through the pouring rain, “God will save me!”

The helicopter left, taking the people on board it to safety.

Not long after that, the waters rose and swept the man away and he drowned and went to heaven.  Upon arriving, he expressed his displeasure with dying.  “I believed that you would save me, God!  Why didn’t you save me?”

God said, “Child, I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter!  What more did you want?”

The story is silly, but drives home the point that God did not just drop man on the earth and expect him to do nothing to care for himself.  God gives us the tools to do everything from feed, clothe, shelter and defend ourselves and I believe that he expects us to use those tools.  I won’t go as far as the non-existent Bible truism of “God helps those that help themselves”, but there is, I feel, a certain level of self-sufficiency we should embrace.

Wait, you say, we should trust God in everything!  There’s nothing he can’t do for us!  You are right, but I can guarantee you that if you quit work, quit eating and drinking, and quit clothing yourself, only divine intervention will prevent you from eventually dying.  Or if you send the truck, boat and helicopter away, you will perish in the flood.

Here are the links to Dr. Piper’s article and four of the better written responses to it.  Each of the men have sites I encourage you to explore and you can read more about them on those sites.  You should take the time to read at least the responses when you have time and reach your own conclusion.

Dr. Piper’s article/question – Should Christians Be Encouraged To Arm Themselves?

Dr. Joel McDurmon’s response

Bob Thune’s Response

Steven Wedgeworth’s Response

John Wesley Reid’s Response

A Challenge to Myself (and NaNoWriMo results)

So, here I am again apologizing for not posting anything in a very long while.  This post, I have an exciting challenge for myself.  I am also going to update all (two) of you on my progress in 2015’s NaNoWriMo event, which I promised to deliver way back in December, but didn’t.  Here we are two-thirds of the way through January 2016 and I am just now announcing (proudly) that I met the 50,000 word challenge again.  Yay!  (30-second happy dance)



Which leaves me very perturbed at my lack of follow-through.  I now have six partial novels, all the result of NaNoWriMo efforts, but all sadly only half written.  I also have this site, which, apart from my imported Blogger posts is very thin on content.  So, strike two on follow-through.

Having just gone through the harrowing ordeal of moving this site from one hosting provider to another (a blog for another day), I want to avoid strike three, defined as “investing money I don’t have into a blog I don’t blog to”.

With that in mind, I am challenging myself to write one blog post a day, every day in February, of at least 500 words.  I am certain the topics will vary wildly, from musings about writing, politics, faith, guns, and music, to the insanity and hypocrisy surrounding us all, to whatever strikes me that day.  I know- the question(s) that now comes to mind is, why?

Why write here on my blog when I could be finishing one of my many unfinished books?  Why wait until February?  Why February at all?  Let me take these one at a time…

Why write here?  I am at the point where I am asking myself the question – If I can’t even blog regularly, how can I possibly hope to finish a book?  With that in mind, my first challenge is to blog regularly.  During this time I hope to do some planning for one of my books because I am at the point where I must step back and plan the rest of my writing.  “Pantsing” it from here will only prolong the process of finishing.  So I am going to blog – regularly – and get back into the swing of writing daily, without the pressure of writing on a single project.

Why wait until February?  Why February?  I’ll answer the second question first.  February is the shortest month (though not by much this year!), so my odds of meeting the challenge are infinitesimally greater.  But why wait?  I have to wait because I have another writing project I must finish before I commit to blogging every day.  It is not a creative writing project, but a curriculum for a class I am teaching, so the mechanics of writing are very different.

So there is my challenge.  In February, write one blog post a day, of at least 500 words.  That’s 29 new posts on my content-challenged site.  I am also going to try and crank up a mailing list for those who are inclined to receive updates from me.  I’ll also post updates on my Twitter account so my 47 followers can see them.  Hopefully I’ll post here, too.  Additionally, there is a fair amount of site redesign that needs to happen.  It looks awful, hideous even, right now, plus I have a feeling that my first completed work will not be “The Question”, so my front page needs updated and I (definitely) need some new pictures in the slider.  Those western US landscapes and monastery pictures are pretty, but have gotten a bit stale.

Until I post again, farewell, and here is a parting shot from former president Theodore Roosevelt – To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

NaNoWriMo is here!

So, NaNoWriMo is here and I am, for now, on pace starting yet another book.  My goal this year was to finish a book and I am conceding that goal early.  I’ll have to shamefully (or quietly) remove myself from the “Publish or Perish” forum I joined early in the year when I thought I might just finish a book.

What is my excuse for giving up on this goal so early?

I had reached critical mass early in the year, plugging away at my latest (at the time) story.  Then, after consulting with a writing coach, I realized it was deeply flawed.  Not trash, not irreparably broken, but the cure was violent.  I had to rip that body of text in half and develop each piece as a separate novel, possibly in a series, which seem to be so popular these days.  That put me way back on my word count for both, and between that and other life happening, I slowly realized that I would not finish either one.

So I stopped.  In October, I started fishing around for a new premise for a novel, found one, researched, planned (just a little), and got ready for November 1st.  Here I am, back in the frenzy that is NaNoWriMo, remembering how awesome it is to throw words at the page with minimal structure, a couple of character names and descriptions, a big idea and lots of enthusiasm.

I may post again to update my progress in November, but if not, I’ll post in December to lament how I now have six works-in-progress and no published book to show for it.  And how that is all my fault.

P.S. I am now also (slowly) writing a song.  Bits and pieces come to me every now and then and I add them to the verse and chorus ideas.  I hope to finish that by the end of the year.  It is exciting, because I have never attempted to write a song before.  I’ll need help to put it to music and arrange it, but I know where to look for that.  We’ll see how it goes.

More to do, more to do

I trumpeted my achievement of 110,000 words in my current work in progress many weeks ago, and I was excited to move to the next step of shaping those words into something that someone besides me would want to read.  Unfortunately, I have made little progress toward that goal, as I have come to realize that those 110,000 words comprise portions of at least two different books, as there is no way to bring the span of time included in the narrative into one book that made sense.

My initial goal with this book was to create a novel, as in different, way to tell a story, one that eschewed constant motion in the main narrative for tiny snippets with large chunks of back story, in effect turning the back story into the main story.  I still feel this way about this body of work and if I can overcome the fear of failure, I’ll publish it the way I originally intended.

This is not uncommon.  Successful authors like Stephen King have many times released works in very different form than they originally intended, usually due to editors telling them, “you can’t do that” or “I can’t sell this”.  They then have the luxury to go back and release the book as originally envisioned, whether it sells as many copies as the original or not.

In the current climate of self-publication, there is no shortage of books that never should have made it to publication.  I’ve attempted to read some of them in an honest effort to support independent authors, but made it through very few of them.  I can claim no better for my work, as there will certainly be people who read it and say, “That never should have been published”.

I hope that my approach will work and that someone, somewhere will say that they liked this somewhat unorthodox telling of a love story through the lens of a terror attack.  With November fast approaching, I desperately need to wrap up the editing of my current work in progress and do something with it besides take up space on my hard drive.  I hope to do so by the end of the year, taking a break from it during November to start another book.

I’ll try to document my progress in editing over the next few weeks, right here in my blog posts.  I’ll also be writing a couple of posts about things that are weighing heavily on my mind these days and contributing to my lack of progress on my book.  Check back and let me know what you think.


The Entitlement Plague

Think of the worst disease you can imagine, one that has a high rate of communicability, horrific effects, and a high fatality rate.  Once you have that picture in your head, replace the name of that disease with the word “entitlement”.  Entitlement is insidious, it infects people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, religious leanings, political leanings and philosophies.  Almost everyone is struck by it at some time in their life, usually after something they deem unfair has happened to them.

I’ve seen it in my life, though my taciturn nature serves me well in those times, as I never open up about those kinds of feelings.  They are the ones that I hide from everyone, to disguise the monster that those feelings create.  I don’t like that monster.  He is selfish, grasping and immature.  I generally change the subject or use humor to deflect any scrutiny.  It requires a well developed sense of self control, something that I have worked on for three of my four plus decades on this planet.

But I’ve seen entitlement corrupt even the hearts and personalities of the most staunchly conservative people I know, some of whom I used to call friends.  I now have decided it is better to move on than to subject myself and my family to the dark excesses of their entitlement mindset.

Before I go too far, I want to clarify my definition of entitlement.  I’m not talking about the sense of entitlement of liberals and their useful idiots.  That is a whole other column, or book, or library about the corruption of the souls of people who feel that they deserve things they have not earned, usually at the urging of liberal politicians who feel they are entitled to everyone else’s money because they know better where it should be used.  I’m not talking about entitlement in that sense.

I am addressing the ugly consequences of a sense of entitlement that makes people believe one of two things-either their way is the only way to do something or, worse, they are the arbiters of everything that is true and right – the “holier than thou” crowd that makes my skin crawl and my stomach churn.  We’ll call these people “entitlement zombies”.

Consider this hypothetical situation – an entitlement zombie buys a ticket to an event, say, an athletic competition.  The rules of said competition are explained in advance of the zombie purchasing a ticket and agreeing to participate according to those rules.  Upon arriving at the event, the zombie has a different opinion on how the game should be played and simply expects others to accommodate them, using thinly veiled threats to overcome any resistance.

The zombie ends up getting their way to an extent, but everyone there has to see their immaturity, their bullying nature, and their inability to follow the rules they agreed to follow by purchasing the ticket.  Everyone’s participation in the event is affected in some way.  Some immediately move on and participate according to the rules, some are dumbstruck for a time and then move on, others are somewhat oblivious to the situation and are mostly unaffected.  The last category are those that are deeply offended by the actions of the zombie, mostly because they addressed the zombie’s concerns before the event, spent weeks preparing for the event and are rightfully upset that the zombie decided to not play by the rules because of their entitlement infection.

What can the uninfected do about the entitlement zombie?  Not much except avoid contact and make sure that whatever issue arose during the event is addressed more effectively next time around.  There is little gained in trying to reason with the zombie because the introduction of logic and reason is met with the insistent stubbornness of the immature personality brought on by the infection of entitlement.  Every question is met with either stony silence or “just because” answers that fail to explain anything.

The conversation fails because it lacks a critical portion of the required element of successful communication – a receiver.  Because of the infection, the intended recipient of the message is too intent on getting their way to either receive or respond properly.  While the zombie can prattle about other topics, the central issue, the violation of the rules is never addressed or spoken of.  It is the same concept used by politicians when asked difficult questions – avoid the subject.  Talk around it.  Talk over it.  Never address the central issue.

Of course, this situation is not at all hypothetical, but the incident details and the name of the entitlement infected and those affected are being withheld.  There is nothing gained by airing that laundry and I have decided to move past this.  Writing this post has helped tremendously.

Oh, wait… you wanted an answer?  Sorry, I don’t have one of those – life events affect and shape people differently and I can’t begin to understand the entitlement zombies, so I am forced to leave you with no solution other than avoid entitlement and the zombies it creates like the plague!

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