A New Year, A New View

Well, it is now 2014 and I haven’t posted anything since November.  I told you it would be this way…

I’m still working on that movie review, so it is coming soon.  In other news, I was successful in my endeavor to write fifty thousand words for NaNoWriMo back in November.  I now have three works in progress and have resolved that I will finish one of them this year.  I am currently letting my better half read all three of them and offer me feedback about which one to finish.

I want to start back strong the first of February and hopefully finish my first draft by the end of March.  Then comes the editing, which will be the hardest thing that I do, since I will have to cut a huge percentage of my own words – words that I love and scenes that I think are incredible, but that do not contribute to a successful finished work.  I’ve never gone through the pain of “murdering my darlings” as the process is called.

Then I have to fill in the gaps with something better.  I hope I can publish sometime toward the end of the year, but I am guessing it will more likely be this time next year before I truly have something worth publishing (and the money to put it into distribution channels).  We’ll see, since this is the first time I have ever done this.

In other news, we have begun the sixth year of the worst presidency in American history and things don’t look like they are changing anytime soon.  Unemployment is still around 7%, officially, but the real numbers are probably closer to twice that.  More people are dropping out of the workforce than are finding jobs.

The president’s signature legislation is a total disaster, well on its way to demolishing our health care and insurance ecosystem, much faster than the red herring of man-made global warming is destroying the globe.  Back from his multi-million dollar taxpayer funded vacation, the president wants to pivot to “income inequality”, what we used to call poverty, but not even its cooler name can erase the irony of His Highness using it as an attempt to divert attention from his constant stream of failures.

So – bad business as usual in the White House.  Enough of that topic.

I am going to update the Intellectual Froglegs videos soon, Joe Dan has made a couple that are really great.  I’m also going to update some of my links and recommendations soon, so keep an eye out.

I hope 2014 is going well for you so far and I hope to post more frequently in this new year, possibly even posting a couple of excerpts from whichever book I choose to continue writing on.

Have a great day and hopefully I will be posting back soon!

An Update, At Last!

Finally, an update on my blog!  I would apologize for my lack of posts, but it seems that for now this is the norm, posting every few weeks and apologizing for not posting, then promising new posts and not finishing them.


I do have a post in the works, a movie review/critique, but may wait until the movie comes out on video to publish it.

I am currently starting a new novel for NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month, so all bets are off on my productivity in other areas.  I’ll update the Intellectual Froglegs videos sometime this week.  A couple will rotate off and new ones will take their place.

Until I post again…